Voices from the Pandemic … Behind the unemployment numbers

Delaware, Ohio, employer and staff offer perspective on why individuals may not be looking for jobs

By Kamryn Drake • Summer Storyteller ’21

Voices from the pandemic … Two schools, one pandemic

Maple Heights and Beachwood weigh in on Ohio’s upturned school system

By Carrington Peavy • Summer storyteller ’21

Voices from the pandemic … Student athletes

When the sports fields were emptied, student athletes had to confront sense of loss, mental health

By Julia Swain • Summer Storyteller ’21

Voices from the pandemic … A worker’s perspective

“How one gets clients, how one interacts with associates to network and develop the business to keep relationships going, everything just shifted”

By Santonio Hill • Summer Storyteller ’21

Voices from the pandemic … Educators, an essay

“Being back in person will turn a lot of people back onto school”

By Nailah-Ali Chaney • Summer Storyteller ’21

Voices from the pandemic … vaccination hesitancy, an essay

In America, the vaccine has become a political symbol

By Hiba Z. Ali • Summer Storyteller ’21

2021 Participants

⦾ Carrington | Beachwood High School | College freshman

⦾ Julia | Wadsworth High School | 12th grade

⦾ Kamryn | Rutherford B. Hayes High School | 11th grade

⦾ Hiba | Beachwood High School | 12th grade

⦾ Nailah | John Hay High School | 12th grade

⦾ Santonio | Campus International High School | 12th grade

2021 Faculty

This year’s faculty is made up of university instructors, working journalists and communication professionals in radio, television, print and online. Over the three weeks of the workshop, they will offer lessons and insights related all aspects of storytelling.

Workshop partners





School of Media and Journalism

The power of storytelling: The School of Media and Journalism, one of five schools in Kent State’s College of Communication and Information, helps students discover the power of storytelling – the news story, the feature story, the multimedia story, the client’s story and the short film. And in the process, we help students discover their own brand stories: who they are, what unique skills they offer and what they want to do with their professional lives.

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